Level 100 Nigerian Student Takes Own Life Following Relationship Breakup

Tragedy struck at Nasarawa University following the suicide of Miss Sarah Maikefi, a 100-level microbiology student. This heartrending event occurred shortly after she had completed her first-semester quiz.

Sarah Maikefi, the youngest of four siblings, had always presented herself as robust and full of life. However, not everyone was privy to her internal struggles. The tragic incident unfolded at an off-campus lodge near the Family and Friends Hotel, just opposite the university.

Miss Patience Maikefi, Sarah’s cousin and fellow student, revealed that Sarah had phoned her after her exams. She expressed feeling overwhelmed, and abruptly ended the call. Patience made several attempts to reach Sarah afterward, but to no avail. She later received a call urging her to rush to a nearby clinic.

A fellow student known as Danjuma shared his impressions of the late Sarah, stating, “We met here early this year when she came for her four-year degree programme. We shared a good relationship as students. She was gentle, calm, and cool.”

Sarah’s sudden demise has sent ripples of shock and grief throughout the university community. The circumstances surrounding her death, reportedly following a breakup with her boyfriend, highlight the immense pressures that young students may face and the importance of mental health support in these settings.


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