“Liar, you have no evidence” – Vim Lady dirties and exposes Captain Smart over John Kumah’s death (Video)

Vim Lady has taken it upon herself to carefully examine and expose all the falsehoods in Captain Smart’s allegations regarding the death of John Kumah. She emphasized that Captain Smart lacks any concrete evidence to support his claims that John Kumah was poisoned.

During an interview on OKAY FM, Vim Lady challenged Captain Smart to provide specifics such as the color of the supposed poison used to end John Kumah’s life.

Furthermore, Vim Lady debunked the rumors circulating that John Kumah was a potential running mate for Dr. Bawumia, clarifying that there was no truth to this speculation. She called on Ghanaian journalists to focus on addressing important national issues instead of spreading false information solely for personal gain.

Additionally, Vim Lady dismissed Captain Smart’s assertions that Kofi Jumah of the NDC had also been poisoned, attributing his poor health to other causes. She urged for responsible journalism and emphasized the importance of verifying information before spreading it to the public.


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