Lil Win takes Ramsey Nouah and other Nollywood actors to visit Adom Kyei Duah (see photos)

Lil Win regards Adom Kyei-Duah, the founder of the Believers Worship Center and the renowned Philadelphia movement, with great respect.

Last year, Lil Win organized a grand durbar to honor the religious leader, whom he reveres as the Voice of God, during his visit to his school.

In a gesture of respect and admiration, Lil Win named the school’s library after Adom Kyei-Duah.

Recently, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin brought his Nigerian cast to seek the blessings of the 8th generational prophet “STEPHEN ADOM KYE DUA,” whom he also considers the voice of God, for his upcoming movie titled “A COUNTRY CALLED GHANA.”

The photos from the visit have gone viral on social media, showing Adom Kyei Duah alongside Ramsey Nouah and other Nollywood veterans.

Thevisit symbolizes Lil Win’s deep reverence for Adom Kyei-Duah and his belief in the spiritual guidance and blessings of the prophet.

This gesture highlights the strong connection and mutual respect between Lil Win and Adom Kyei-Duah, as well as their shared commitment to their faith and work.

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