“Lilwin Told People To Video Him So He Over-Spëëd For Trends” – Sean Paul

Controversial Kumawood actor and media personality, Sean Paul, has spoken out about the recent accident involving fellow actor Lilwin in Kumasi.

Sean Paul, who is known for his outspoken nature, did not hold back in placing blame on Lilwin for the tragic incident that claimed a young life in Amakom.

In his statement, Sean Paul revealed that he has witnessed firsthand Lilwin’s reckless behavior behind the scenes. He claimed that Lilwin often encourages others to film him while he drives at dangerous speeds, all to garner attention on social media.

According to Sean Paul, this behavior is not uncommon for Lilwin, who is always seeking ways to stay in the spotlight.

Sean Paul suggested that the accident may have been a result of Lilwin’s desire to generate buzz for an upcoming movie premiere.

He believes that Lilwin’s reckless driving was a calculated risk in hopes of gaining more publicity. Unfortunately, the outcome was tragic and has left a lasting impact on those involved.

Overall, Sean Paul’s comments shed light on the darker side of fame and the lengths some individuals will go to in order to stay relevant in the public eye.

It serves as a cautionary tale for those who may prioritize attention over safety.

Watch video below…

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