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Lilwin’s Wife Replies A Troll Who Accused Her Of Snatching Him From His Ex-Wife (Video)

Ohemaa Pretty Gold, the spouse of popular Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah, also known as Lilwin, remains unaffected by claims that she stole the actor from his previous wife.

A social media user accused Ohemaa of being a home-wrecker in a comment on TikTok, insinuating that she is content with being with someone else’s husband.

Upon seeing the comment, Lilwin’s wife responded by dancing to a well-known Daddy Lumba song called ‘Mensei Da’.

In a video shared on the internet, Ohemaa can be seen dancing joyfully to the song, which contains lyrics about envy and jealousy towards those who are in love. Ohemaa is confident that their love is strong and cannot be broken by outside interference.

By dancing to the song, she is sending a message that their relationship is secure and unaffected by the opinions of others.

It seems that Ohemaa chose to convey her feelings through the song rather than engaging in a verbal argument. By using the lyrics of the song, she is able to express her belief in the strength of their love without needing to address the accusations directly.

The video of Ohemaa dancing to the song serves as a statement of her confidence in her relationship with Lilwin.

Watch the video below.

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