Lookalikes Of Kuami Eungene, KiDi And King Promise Storms KNUST Auditorium For Lil Win’s “A Country Called Ghana” Premiere – VIDEO

Impersonators of Kuami Eugene, KiDi, and King Promise made an appearance at the KNUST Auditorium to show their support for Lil Win’s “A Country Called Ghana” premiere.

Dressed in impeccable attire and exuding charm, the lookalikes attracted attention from the audience who eagerly took photos with them.

The group of impersonators brought a touch of star power to the event, with their resemblance to the popular Ghanaian musicians causing quite a stir among attendees.

Their presence added an extra layer of excitement to the premiere, as fans of the artists were thrilled to see their favorite stars in a different context.

The lookalikes were the center of attention as they mingled with the crowd, posing for photos and interacting with fans. Their spot-on resemblance to the real artists made for a memorable and entertaining experience for all in attendance.

Overall, the appearance of the Kuami Eugene, KiDi, and King Promise lookalikes added an extra element of fun and excitement to Lil Win’s premiere, ensuring that the event was a success and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended.

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