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Man Arrested for Impersonating Girlfriend in Health Workers Exam

A man named Angrez Singh was arrested for impersonating his girlfriend, Paramjit Kaur, to write her exam. The incident unfolded on January 7, 2024, during a multi-purpose health workers exam conducted by the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences at DAV Public School, Kotkapura.

Singh, a resident of Fazilka, went to great lengths to convincingly don the guise of a woman. He was spotted wearing red bangles, a bindi, lipstick, and a ladies’ suit. To further solidify his identity as Kaur, Singh used fake voter and Aadhar cards.

His ruse was successful until the moment his fingerprints were scanned on the biometric device. When they did not match those of Kaur, the real candidate, university officials began to suspect foul play. The unexpected comedy of errors quickly turned serious after the university officials reported the matter to the local police.

Regrettably, Kaur’s application was denied by the administration as a result of the incident. Legal proceedings have been initiated against Singh for his audacious attempt to cheat the system. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the lengths people can go to subvert the system, and the importance of strict vigilance in maintaining the integrity of academic examinations.


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