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Man of God rains curse on girlfriend for breaking his heart

Social media users are currently in stitches over a voice message sent by a distressed ‘Man of God’ to his ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend had ended their relationship, leaving the man heartbroken. The voice message, in which he prays for divine retribution against the woman for breaking his heart, has since been shared on TikTok, sparking a wave of hilarious reactions.

In the recording, the woman had explained that she had sought divine guidance about their relationship and did not see him in her future. Devastated by her decision, the man of God resorted to prayer, hoping for divine intervention. He beseeched God to break her heart just as she had shattered his. However, his prayer took an unexpected twist when he began pleading with her to reconsider their relationship, even breaking into tears.

The voice message was shared on TikTok by @spiwewalubita, who humorously labeled the situation as “Christian breakfast”. The post was captioned, “POV: You break up with your fellowship leader/boyfriend.” The video has since gone viral, attracting a slew of reactions from TikTok users, most of whom found the ‘Man of God’s’ reaction to the breakup both amusing and ironic.

While some sympathized with the heartbroken man, others found his reaction to be an example of a humorous twist to modern-day relationships. The video continues to trend on social media, providing comic relief and sparking conversations on relationship dynamics.


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