Man pays his wife’s bride price after 6 years of marriage (watch video)

A Nigerian woman named Uka Chiemel has taken to social media to share the joyous occasion of her husband paying her bride price, symbolizing their love and commitment.

The celebration, which took place in their village, was captured in photos shared on TikTok.

Despite being married for six years, the husband decided to fulfill this traditional practice deeply rooted in Igbo culture.

The images showcase various items such as tubers of yams and biscuits, which hold cultural significance and represent the bride price.

These items were arranged in a ceremonial manner, highlighting the importance of the occasion. In some of the photos, the couple can be seen kneeling before an elderly man, surrounded by a group of individuals, as they partake in the age-old customs of their community.

The event serves as a heartwarming testament to the enduring traditions and values within Nigerian culture.

By sharing these images on social media, Uka Chiemel not only celebrates her own happiness but also invites others to appreciate and understand the significance of this cultural practice.

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