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Man pranks his girlfriend pretending to be cheating with a dummy – her reaction has cased a stir

A man’s prank on his girlfriend went viral after he set up a dummy to simulate the presence of another woman in his house. The video captures viewers’ attention, and the girlfriend’s reaction is so surprising that you may find yourself re-watching the video numerous times.

In the video, the man meticulously puts the dummy in the appropriate position and then takes a seat, waiting for his girlfriend’s arrival. As soon as he hears her approaching, he stands up and intimately interacts with the dummy, making it appear as if he is caressing a woman.

The girlfriend’s immediate response upon entering the room is nothing short of dramatic. She lunges at the man and the ‘other woman’, attacking them in a single, agile motion. She then proceeds to kick the dummy’s head, adding a comical twist to the situation.

Instagram users have been greatly amused by the girlfriend’s swift reaction, but what has caught most people’s attention is the kick she delivers to the dummy’s head. Many commenters note that if the dummy were, in fact, a real woman, it would have resulted in serious injuries.


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