Man Reveals He Pays Wife £200,000 a Year for Being a Stay-at-Home Wife

A man has disclosed that he pays his wife a generous sum of £200,000 per annum for being a stay-at-home mother. The revelation was made by Yahdan Yada via a video on his TikTok account, @yadaawakening, where he frequently shares his views on how men ought to treat their wives.

In his latest video, Yahdan detailed that he provides his wife with an annual allowance of £215,000 ($250,000) for taking care of their children. In addition, he covers the cost of a maid, a chef, and a personal stylist for her.

According to Yahdan, his primary responsibility is to look after his wife, whom he considers a divine gift. He stated that the funds are deposited in an account accessible only by his wife. Furthermore, she has unrestricted access to all his bank accounts and businesses.

Yahdan emphasized that it’s men’s duty to “maintain” their women, adding that while they don’t have to give as much as £200,000, he chooses this amount because his wife is a “blessing”. He also stated that if his wife ever felt disrespected, she would have enough resources to leave him and establish her own business.

Yahdan’s video, which urges men to “step up their game”, has garnered a staggering 2.3 million views in just three days. It has also sparked a flurry of comments from TikTok users sharing their opinions on Yahdan’s unique approach to marriage.

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