Man who got FIVE women pregnant at the SAME TIME hosts joint baby shower. (photos)

The internet has gone crazy after learning that one man hosted a joint baby shower for five different women after they all became pregnant at the same time.
Lizzy Ashliegh, a 29-year-old Brooklyn singer, took to TikTok to reveal the startling details about the unusual occasion, where she was one of the pregnant women rejoicing.
The expecting mother revealed the details of the odd arrangement after becoming pregnant by fellow artist Zeddy Wills, along with four other ladies.
Other social media users were taken aback, with many condemning the unusual circumstance.
In her first video, which has been viewed over 8.9 million times, Lizzy focused on the invitation to a baby shower in Queens.
It included a picture of the ecstatic father-to-be flanked by five proud pregnant women, with the caption: ‘Welcome little Zeddy Wills 1 to 5.’Lizzy then panned around the room, revealing the other women with their growing baby bulge.

She added superimposed text reading: ‘When your baby daddy got four other girlfriends pregnant at the same time!’

Lizzy later took to the platform once more, sharing a series of photographs showing all the women posing together.

Lizzy elaborated further, saying, “We can’t change the fact that he’s our baby daddy and everything happens for a reason.”

She described herself as ‘staying cheerful for the baby’ before adding, ‘He’s going to be born into a big family!’

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