“Marriage Has Zero Benefit to Men, Only Women Gain From It” – Kojo Yankson reveals

• Yankson believes there are no practical benefits for men in marriage.
• He argues that women gain more advantages from marriage than men.
• He challenges the host to name one thing a married man can’t have.
• Yankson’s stance is clear: marriage doesn’t offer tangible benefits for men.
• His views are resolute and can be viewed in the video.


During a podcast appearance, Yankson expressed his belief that there are no practical benefits for a man in marriage.

He emphasized that when comparing the advantages that women gain from marriage to those that men receive, the disparity is glaring.

Yankson argued that from a simple cost-benefit perspective, it is difficult to see how marriage is advantageous for men.

He challenged the host to name just one thing that a married man can do or have that a single man cannot and stated that he would leave if such a thing could be named.

Yankson’s stance on the matter was clear and he seemed convinced that marriage does not offer any tangible benefits for men.

This perspective was shared during his podcast appearance and he appeared resolute in his beliefs.

The video of his appearance can be viewed below for further insight into his thoughts on the subject.

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