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Marry your job before your wife because when you’re broke she’ll leave you – Kennedy Agyapong to young Ghanaian men

Kennedy Agyapong, in his recent statements, highlighted the importance of a program aimed at empowering Ghanaians to take control of their destinies and contribute positively to the development of the country.

He emphasized the need for Ghanaians to establish businesses and avoid engaging in dishonest practices such as stealing from their employers.

Agyapong urged young Ghanaian men to prioritize their careers and commit fully to their jobs.

He asserted that success in life requires honesty, discipline, and a strong dedication to one’s work before any other commitments.

Agyapong warned that neglecting one’s job in favor of personal interests could lead to financial struggles and strain in relationships, potentially resulting in the loss of a spouse.

He stressed the importance of prioritizing work ethic and integrity to achieve personal and professional success.

Overall, Agyapong’s message encourages Ghanaians to embrace a strong work ethic, strive for excellence in their endeavors, and contribute positively to the growth and prosperity of their nation.

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