“Marrying a Ghanaian lady in America is a big mistake, You’ll never be successful” – Ghanaian man warns

Ghanaian man living in America, has issued a caution to his fellow countrymen who come to the United States, advising them to avoid relationships with Ghanaian women.

He shared his own experience as a warning, revealing that he had dated a Ghanaian woman in America who used him to pay off her substantial student loan debt of $60,000.

David explained that once you marry a Ghanaian woman with debts, you become liable for those debts as well, as they are combined when filing taxes together.

This experience left David feeling bitter and resentful, vowing never to recommend a Ghanaian man abroad to marry a Ghanaian woman if they want to achieve success.

He expressed his disappointment in the lack of support among Ghanaians abroad, citing it as another reason to avoid relationships with Ghanaian women in America.

David emphasized that his aspirations and goals were hindered by his relationship with a Ghanaian woman, leading him to the conclusion that it was not a path to success. Overall, David’s message is clear:

Ghanaian men in America should steer clear of romantic entanglements with Ghanaian women if they want to avoid financial and personal setbacks.

Watch him tell his story below…

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