Massive crowd of celebrities and fans troops in to support Kyekyeku as he premiers his first ever movie (watch video)

Ghanaian actor and comedian, Kyekyeku, reached a significant milestone in his career by debuting his first self-produced movie, “1957”.

The premiere of the highly anticipated film took place at the SG Mall in Kumasi on March 6, 2024.

Despite initial doubts about its success, the event drew a large crowd of enthusiastic fans and supporters.

Following the triumphant premiere in Kumasi, Kyekyeku announced plans to showcase the movie in Accra and potentially on other streaming platforms to reach a wider audience and establish himself in the filmmaking industry.

“1957” explores the theme of ethnic tolerance, specifically focusing on the relationships between the Ashantis and Northerners. The film aims to address important social issues while providing entertainment and engaging audiences.

Kyekyeku’s dedication to producing and starring in “1957” reflects his commitment to creating meaningful and impactful content.

The positive reception of the film’s premiere in Kumasi signals a promising future for Kyekyeku as a filmmaker.

As he continues to expand the reach of “1957”, Kyekyeku’s efforts to promote unity and understanding through storytelling are sure to resonate with audiences far and wide.


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