Maxwell Mensah Reportedly Leaves Home Mcbrown slaps him; actress being drugged on social media

According to the Instagram blogger westafrican_celebs, Maxwell Mensah has reportedly left his matrimonial home following a heated altercation with his wife, Nana Ama Mcbrown. The argument reportedly ignited after Mcbrown allegedly slapped Mensah on grounds of infidelity.

The blogger reported that the dispute escalated when Mensah retaliated against the actress, sparking a blazing row. Mensah, who has children from previous relationships, is said to have left the house with his children following the incident.

This is not the first instance that the couple’s marital issues have been thrust into the limelight. Over the past few years, reports of their possible divorce have been appearing in media outlets almost every 4-5 months. The couple is no stranger to controversy, with each episode adding to their tumultuous marital saga.

The latest chapter in their ongoing saga involves Serwaa Prickles, a well-known social media personality on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. However, the exact role or involvement of Prickles in this incident remains unclear.

With the details being sketchy, there is yet to be an official statement from either Mcbrown or Mensah about the reported incident. As such, it is advisable for the public to tread with caution when interpreting these reports.

The couple, who have been married for several years now, have been in the public eye for their recurrent marital issues. This recent episode is another addition to a series of reported disagreements and disputes that have been keeping the audience on their toes.

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