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Medikal and D-Black Finally Make Peace After D-Black Lighting Cigar For Fella Makafui Caused Trouble – VIDEO

Recently, a video circulating on social media showed D-Black lighting a cigar for Fella Makafui, which caused a stir among her estranged husband, Medikal.

Medikal accused D-Black of being a “fake industry player” and publicly expressed his disappointment, stating that he would never engage in such behavior out of respect for D-Black.

This led Medikal to release a diss track titled “Just in Case” directly aimed at D-Black. However, D-Black has denied any involvement in the marital problems between Fella Makafui and Medikal.

In a series of tweets addressing the controversy, D-Black clarified that he did not give Fella the cigar but simply lit it at her request.

He explained that Fella had bought the cigar herself and asked him to light it.

D-Black also dismissed rumors of any romantic involvement with Fella Makafui, revealing that he had not seen her in over two years.

He stressed that his actions were innocent and had no ulterior motives.

Despite initial tensions, D-Black and Medikal have now made peace, burying the hatchet during an appearance on Starr Chat on Starr FM hosted by Bola Ray.

The reconciliation was a positive and heartwarming moment, putting an end to the feud.

Watch video below…

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