Medikal Drops Screenshots Of Bongo Ideas Begging Him For Money (see photos)

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• Ghanaian rapper Medikal was asked for money via direct messages on X by celebrity critic Bongo Ideas.
• Bongo Ideas requested money to help with bills and recovery.
• Medikal shared a screenshot of their conversation from April 2, 2024.
• Bongo Ideas was unsatisfied with Medikal’s response and offered to confirm his identity via video conference.
• Medikal suggested a meeting after his 32nd birthday on April 4, 2024.
• The incident highlights the unpredictable nature of social media interactions between celebrities and critics.


Ghanaian rapper Medikal recently revealed that he was asked for money through his direct messages on X by the well-known celebrity critic Bongo Ideas.

When a fan inquired about Bongo Ideas, Medikal shared a screenshot of their conversation from April 2, 2024, where the request was made.

During their exchange, Bongo Ideas pleaded with the rapper to send him some money to help with his bills and recovery.

In his message, he wrote: “Yoo Medikal… trust you good. You need to send your Sowutuom boy something for his bills and recovery. Thanks.”

Unfortunately, Bongo Ideas was not happy with Medikal’s response and called him crazy, adding that he would only believe it if they met in person.

Bongo Ideas claimed that his X account was verified and offered to have a video conference to confirm his identity if needed.

He then asked Medikal to provide an address where the money could be picked up on April 3, 2024.

However, Medikal mentioned in the post’s caption that he was unsure when they would meet and suggested that they could discuss it after his 32nd birthday on April 4, 2024.

In conclusion, Medikal’s encounter with Bongo Ideas over X messages highlighted the unexpected requests and interactions that can occur on social media platforms, even between celebrities and critics.

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