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Medikal Explains How Fella Makafui Called Police On Him At Night In His Own House – VIDEO

Medikal recently revealed in a video that Fella Makafui called the police on him after he asked her cousin to move out of their home. The rapper shared his side of the story, explaining that he disagreed with Fella Makafui’s cousin, which led to him asking the cousin to leave their residence.

In the video, Medikal expressed his frustration over the situation, claiming that Fella Makafui’s cousin had been causing issues in their relationship. He stated that he was only trying to protect their relationship by asking the cousin to move out, but Fella Makafui reacted by calling the police on him.

Medikal seemed hurt and confused by Fella Makafui’s actions, as he believed he was doing what was best for their relationship. He emphasized that he did not want any trouble with the police and was simply trying to resolve the situation peacefully.

The rapper’s video shed light on the ongoing issues between him and Fella Makafui, highlighting the challenges they face in their relationship. There are underlying tensions and conflicts that need to be addressed for them to move forward.

Overall, Medikal’s video provided insight into his perspective on the situation with Fella Makafui and her cousin, showcasing the complexities of their relationship and the difficulties they are currently facing.

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