Mr. Logic

“Medikal insulted Fella by annoucing he is single on the big stage” – Mr Logic

Entertainment pundit Mr. Logic has criticized Medikal for announcing that he is single during a live event in the United Kingdom, suggesting that it may have been disrespectful to his partner, Fella Makafui.

Mr. Logic expressed his admiration for Medikal but felt that the public declaration of being single was unnecessary and potentially hurtful to Fella.

He believed that such a statement on a big stage indicated seriousness and could have negative implications for their relationship.

Mr. Logic highlighted the complexities of marriage, noting that relationships can go through rough patches and that announcing being single could be seen as a significant step.

He emphasized that Medikal’s announcement may have been insensitive given the uncertainty surrounding their marital status.

Mr. Logic suggested that such matters should be dealt with privately to avoid unnecessary speculation and potential damage to their relationship.

He also pointed out that relationships can evolve and that announcing being single may not be conducive to resolving any issues they may be facing.

Mr. Logic advised Medikal to handle such personal matters with discretion and sensitivity, considering the impact it could have on both parties involved.

Ultimately, he believed that the announcement was unnecessary and could have been handled differently to preserve the integrity of their relationship.


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