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“Medikal Is A Big Liar, Fella Makafui Spends Money On Him Too” – Showboy Fires Back At Medikal For Lying On Fella Name

A member of the same AMG group as Medikal has taken a dig at the rapper, suggesting that Medikal isn’t always the one footing the bill when it comes to providing for his partner, Fella Makafui.

According to Showboy, there are times when Fella Makafui is the one who gives Medikal money for food, implying that their financial relationship may not be as one-sided as it appears.

This revelation challenges the popular perception that Medikal is the sole provider in his relationship with Fella Makafui.

It suggests that Fella Makafui can also contribute financially and support her partner when needed. This dynamic contradicts the traditional gender roles that dictate men should always be the primary breadwinners in a relationship.

The comment from the showboy sheds light on the complexities of modern relationships and the evolving dynamics between couples.

It highlights the importance of mutual support and partnership in a healthy relationship, where both parties are willing to contribute and support each other financially.

Overall, this revelation challenges the stereotype of the wealthy male provider and the dependent female partner, showing that financial responsibilities can be shared and balanced in a relationship.

It also serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and assumptions about who holds the financial power in a relationship may not always be accurate.

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