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“Medikal’s Mother Has Spoilt Her ’Toto’ For Giving Birth To Him” – Twene Jonas

Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian social media commentator based in the United States, recently made a video where he criticized Medikal for allegedly neglecting his mother.

Jonas claimed that Medikal’s mother had “spoilt her ‘Toto'” by giving birth to him, insinuating that Medikal had not shown enough appreciation towards her.

According to Jonas, Medikal has never given his mother $10,000 but has reportedly spent over $300,000 on his girlfriend, Fella Makafui, for things like body enhancements and vacations.

This stark contrast in how Medikal treats his mother versus his girlfriend has sparked outrage among many viewers.

Jonas’s comments have sparked a debate on social media about the importance of family and filial piety.

Many people have criticized Medikal for allegedly prioritizing his girlfriend over his mother, who gave him life and raised him.

Overall, Jonas’s video has brought attention to the issue of familial relationships and the responsibilities that come with them.

It serves as a reminder that family should always come first, and that showing gratitude and appreciation towards parents is essential, regardless of any other relationships in one’s life.

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