Meet Jake, a Ghanaian kid whose photo became so popular that it raised thousands of dollars funds from internet users


Meet Jake, a young boy from Ghana whose photo went viral and raised thousands of dollars in funds from internet users.

In 2015, Adufah, a student studying the arts at the University of Illinois in the USA, returned to his hometown in Ghana and decided to share his passion for art with the children at the primary school he used to attend, including Jake.

During these art sessions, Adufah’s friend, Carlos Cortes, captured photos of the children drawing.

When Adufah posted the photos from his time in Ghana on social media, one particular photo of Jake caught the attention of the public due to his serious expression and focus on his drawing.

The photo quickly went viral, with people creating memes and sharing the image widely.

In response to Jake’s unexpected fame, Adufah decided to raise funds to support education in Jake’s school.

He asked people to turn their likes into cash donations, and within the first 24 hours, he had raised $2000. The final amount raised was around $20,000, which was used to support Jake’s education and help other children in his village.

The generosity of the public made a significant impact on the lives of these children, and Adufah expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the cause.


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