“Men Are Now Using Marriage As An Excuse To Deceive And Sleep With Us” – Lady Says

A beautiful Lady has recently uncovered the most common tactic that men are using to manipulate women into sleeping with them for free in today’s dating scene.

She reveals that many men have caught on to the fact that women are becoming more cautious about engaging in physical relationships without the promise of long-term commitment, such as marriage. These men will often go to great lengths to deceive women by introducing them to their parents or even going as far as expressing interest in marrying them to gain their trust.

However, once the woman falls for this charade and agrees to be intimate with the man, he quickly disappears and starts avoiding her calls. The woman warns other ladies not to be enticed by men who use marriage as a means to manipulate them into sleeping with them.

She emphasizes the importance of not succumbing to pressure or false promises of commitment from men who are only looking to satisfy their own desires without any intention of following through with their words.


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