Men Are Too Lazy Nowadays – Ashabi A Nigerian Lady Claims

Ashabi, a well-known content creator from Nigeria, recently made a statement suggesting that the reason men in the current generation tend to complain frequently is due to their laziness.

The issue she highlighted was the tendency of men to complain about the demands placed on them by their girlfriends or wives.

Ashabi pointed out that in previous generations, men did not complain about such matters and were willing to take on full responsibility without questioning or requesting to split bills or share household responsibilities.

According to Ashabi, men from previous generations were capable of handling the responsibility of caring for large families without complaint.

She emphasized that they were able to support between 15 to 20 children without any hesitation or reluctance.

In contrast, she believes that men in the current generation exhibit laziness and are quick to voice their grievances about sharing responsibilities or financial obligations.

Ashabi’s post on social media garnered attention and sparked discussions about the changing attitudes and behaviors of men in society.

Some agreed with her perspective, while others expressed differing opinions on the matter.

Overall, Ashabi’s observation shed light on the evolving dynamics within relationships and households, highlighting a perceived shift towards increased demands and expectations from both men and women.

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