“Men date broke girls becuase they want to control them”- Lydia Forson reveals why she is still single

Lydia Forson, a Ghanaian actress, entrepreneur, and outspoken feminist, has provided insight into why many men are attracted to financially challenged women.

In a recent tweet that has been circulating on social media, the outspoken feminist stated that many men have a preference for dating women who are unemployed and unable to support themselves financially.

Lydia believes that many men are not fond of financially independent women. She suggests that this may be because they feel a lack of control or influence over them.

Certain individuals possess a clear understanding of their intentions when selecting younger women or those who are financially dependent. It revolves around the concepts of power and control.

That’s why they become increasingly hostile when they lose control over them. That’s also the reason why they have a dislike for financially independent women!!” She posted on X, previously referred to as Twitter.

Her statement has generated significant controversy on social media, with many individuals criticizing her for her feminist views.

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