Men Do Not Marry Women They Are Attracted To That Is Why They Cheat A lot. – Kimmy K (Video)

In a recent video, Kimmy K, a well-known socialite and podcaster, shared her thoughts on why men often cheat in relationships.

She believes that men typically do not marry the women they truly like, but instead settle for those who are around them when they decide to get married.

This, she argues, is a major contributor to the high rate of infidelity among men.

Kimmy K went on to suggest that men often end up marrying “good girls” who may not necessarily be their ideal match, leading them to seek out other women for excitement and fulfillment.

She claims that once men are in a committed relationship, they tend to have affairs with women who are more aligned with their preferences, often referred to as “baddies.”

According to Kimmy K, this mismatch in relationships is the reason why men struggle to stay faithful in their marriages.

She believes that men are constantly on the lookout for other women, particularly on social media, in search of someone who truly excites them and meets their desires.

Overall, Kimmy K’s perspective highlights the complexities of relationships and how societal expectations can influence individuals’ choices in romantic partnerships.

Watch video below…

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