“Men should not allow marriage to stress them. If it’s not good for you, leave your wife” – Captain Smart Advise to Men

Captain Smart of Onua TV recently appeared on the Ladies Circle show on TV 3, where he offered some advice to men in troubled relationships.

He advised that if a woman is causing issues in your marriage, it may be better to end the relationship rather than continue to suffer.

He emphasized the importance of not letting marriage stress out men and suggested that if a relationship is not healthy for you, it may be better to walk away.

Captain Smart also stressed that no one has the authority to dictate how a man should navigate the world of love.

He further added that as an African man, it is important to know your wife better than anyone else, and if her behavior is negatively impacting your emotions, it may be better to end the relationship rather than endure further suffering.

Captain Smart’s advice resonated with many viewers, who appreciated his candid and straightforward approach to addressing relationship issues.

The video of his appearance on the Ladies Circle show has since garnered attention online, with many men finding his words to be both empowering and thought-provoking.

Watch the Video below:

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