Men still want me at age 59 – Veteran actress Rita Edochie brags

• Veteran Nigerian actress, Rita Edochie, shares her ageless beauty in a post.
• Despite her age, Edochie was a sought-after woman in her youth.
• She was selective in her relationships, waiting until 22 to find her perfect match, Tony Edochie.
• Edochie humorously explains that men still express interest in her due to her “hotter than fire” appeal.
• Despite her age, Edochie remains desirable to men, expressing gratitude for finding her ideal partner.
• Her confidence and charm are emphasized in her post.


Veteran Nigerian actress, Rita Edochie, recently shared a post where she confidently displayed her ageless beauty and revealed that even at 59 years old, she continues to attract attention from men.

Reflecting on her younger years, she mentioned how she was once a sought-after woman by many suitors.

Despite the attention, Rita Edochie was always selective when it came to relationships and waited until she was 22 years old to find her perfect match, her husband Tony Edochie, to whom she is still happily married.

Rita Edochie humorously mentioned in her post that men still express interest in her and approach her for dates because she is, in her own words, “hotter than fire and a correct babe.”

She emphasized that even at her current age, she remains desirable to men.

She recalled how she attracted many admirers in her youth but ultimately chose her husband wisely, waiting for the right man to come along.

In her post, Rita Edochie expressed gratitude for finding her ideal partner at a young age and humorously acknowledged that her attractiveness still captivates men even now.

She exuded confidence and self-assurance in her words, highlighting her enduring beauty and charm.

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