Mmebusem reveals why he stopped acting as Ghana Jesus (watch video)

Mmebusem, also known as Ghana Jesus, recently made a widely circulated viral video explaining his decision to stop making Ghana Jesus films.

He revealed that he received advice from his parents, especially his mother, urging him to put an end to the films.

Mmebusem shared that because his films involved jokes about Jesus and the Bible, many people around him criticized his work and believed it was inappropriate.

In the video, Mmebusem mentioned that he decided to stop making films to dedicate more time to prayer and seek guidance from God.

After seeking confirmation from God, he announced that he will soon be resuming his series in a new format. He expressed his belief that his videos have the power to shape people’s morality and positively impact lives.

Mmebusem’s decision to halt his Ghana Jesus films reflects his desire to listen to the advice of his parents and seek spiritual guidance.

He hopes that through his upcoming videos, he can continue to spread positivity and inspire positive change in the lives of his viewers.

Ultimately, Mmebusem remains committed to using his platform to make a difference and share his faith in a meaningful way.

Watch the video below:

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