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Money wants to worship me – Cheddar boast on live interview

In a recent interview, Nana Kwame Bediako, the founder of The New Force and more commonly known as Cheddar, offered a unique perspective on his relationship with money. He describes it as more than just a means of transaction, but rather as a romantic relationship.

Cheddar claims that wealth has a way of finding him, even when he is not actively pursuing it. This suggests a sense of financial security and abundance in his life. During the conversation with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV, he even referred to money as his “servant” or “object of worship.”

“Money is like a woman; we came to meet it, and we will leave it. Money likes me. Even if I leave it, it finds a way to reach me. It follows me; when I speak, it is close by; and when I sit, it sits. For some people, money quickly vanishes. But I share it so everyone gets a portion,” Cheddar said.

Cheddar further shares that he contributes to various sections of society, including the visually impaired, the rich, mothers, and the poor.

He also prides himself on his spending habits. “So money is my girlfriend. Cheddar means money, and now I don’t associate with it and I have moved to Freedom, but money still says it is me; it will serve,” he concluded.

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