“Most man don’t want to take care of what is not theirs, that is why single mothers remain single” – Joselyn Dumas

Ghanaian actress Joselyn Dumas recently discussed the challenges that single mothers face when trying to navigate the dating world.

She shared a personal anecdote about a friend who was hesitant to date a woman with a child, as he did not want to take on parental responsibilities for a child who was not biologically his.

Joselyn Dumas argued that this kind of mindset is one of the reasons why many single mothers struggle to find partners, as they often encounter biases due to having children.

Dumas emphasized that single mothers, like everyone else, deserve to find happiness and companionship.

She pointed out that many single mothers do not choose to remain single, but rather face difficulties due to societal attitudes towards dating someone with children.

She questioned why there is a difference in attitude towards caring for a non-biological child through adoption, suggesting that it should not be viewed differently.

The actress highlighted that single mothers often raise their children alone out of necessity and sacrifice, not because they prefer a single life.

She stressed that raising a child alone is a significant sacrifice that many women make, and it is not a choice they make lightly.

Dumas called for a shift in societal attitudes towards single mothers, urging people to be more open-minded and understanding when it comes to dating someone with children.


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