Oboi siki

‘most pastors are thieves’- Oboy Siki

A heated dispute arose between Prophet Gyimah and a well-known actor, Oboy Siki, after the latter made controversial comments about religious leaders.

Oboy Siki claimed during an interview on Kingdom FM that many pastors were involved in fraudulent activities, such as selling prayers and taking advantage of their followers for financial gain.

He accused them of using fake oils and handkerchiefs to extract large sums of money from their congregants.

Prophet Gyimah strongly criticized Oboy Siki’s statements, stating that he had made a serious mistake by speaking negatively about individuals who have devoted their lives to serving God.

He warned Oboy Siki against speaking ill of men of God, as it could lead to divine retribution.

He questioned why Oboy Siki would resort to using voodoo for fame while simultaneously criticizing those who put their trust in God.

Oboy Siki was offended by the prophet’s remarks and cautioned him against spreading lies.

The situation escalated to the point where it almost turned physical, but the show’s producers intervened before things got out of hand.

Eventually, both parties were able to calm down and appreciate each other’s differing religious perspectives.

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