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Mother seals her gay son’s backside with super glue after catching another man chopping him (Video)

• Mother finds son in bed with another man.
• Mother seals son’s anus out of frustration.
• Attempts to convince son to leave LGBTQ community unsuccessful.
• Mother’s son learns a life-changing lesson.
• Mother is in custody of South African Police Department.
• Mother faces potential legal consequences.

A South African mother sealed her son’s anus after finding him in bed with another man, despite attempts to convince him to leave the LGBTQ community. The mother is now in custody and facing potential legal consequences.


As per reports, a weary mother found her gay son in bed with another man and, out of frustration, decided to take drastic measures by sealing his anus.

It is believed that the mother has made numerous attempts to convince her son to leave the LGBTQ community, all of which have been unsuccessful.

Fueled by anger, she took extreme action to teach her 16-year-old son a lesson he wouldn’t forget.

The woman is now in the custody of the South African Police Department and is facing potential legal consequences. T

learn more about this shocking incident, watch the video below.


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