Mr Drew changes his Bald Look, Grows Hair And Flaunts Neat Haircut In New Photos

In the caption of his post, the singer known for the song “This Year” announced that since it is a new month, he is releasing a new song for his fans and showcasing his new look.

He wrote: “New Month New Music New … #LBE.” Mr. Drew looked dashing in the pictures, wearing a white woven loose long-sleeved top with a white singlet underneath, and white cargo pants for bottoms.

Fans had mixed reactions to Mr. Drew’s new look in the pictures. Some believed he looked more attractive with hair than when he was bald.

Others speculated whether he had undergone a hair transplant surgery to achieve the new look. Comments from fans included praises for his new hairstyle, curiosity about its origin, and some humorous remarks.

In a similar vein, rapper Kwesi Arthur recently explained why he decided to cut off his dreadlocks, stating that he wanted to experience the feeling of his scalp and was tired of the hairstyle.

He also mentioned that his father approved of his new look after years of his parents urging him to get rid of the dreadlocks.

Overall, Mr. Drew’s new look garnered attention and sparked discussions among fans, with many expressing admiration for his transformation while others speculated about the reasons behind it.


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