“Mr Ibu slept with many girls” – Speed Darlington (VIDEO)

Speed Darlington, the controversial Nigerian rapper also known as Akpioku, recently made some controversial comments regarding the death of veteran movie star, Mr Ibu.

In a post on his official Instagram and YouTube accounts, Darlington expressed his condolences over the actor’s passing, noting that 66 years is still considered middle age and that Mr Ibu died relatively young.

Despite reports suggesting that Mr Ibu had passed away due to complications in his leg which led to amputation, Darlington claimed that the actor died as a result of diabetes.

He also made suggestive remarks about Mr Ibu’s relationships with women during his prime, attributing his reluctance to marry an actress to the alleged pressures they face in the industry.

Darlington maintained his belief that Mr Ibu’s unhealthy eating habits contributed to his diabetes and subsequent death, despite his efforts to support the actor financially.

In a separate incident, Darlington boldly claimed to be the richest Nigerian musician alive during a live video with fans, dismissing comparisons to popular artists like Davido and Wizkid.

He insisted that no other musician could rival his wealth, sparking debate among his followers and critics. This self-promotion has elevated Darlington’s controversial persona to new heights, generating mixed reactions from the public.

Watch the video below:

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