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“My brother has gone partially blind” – Yolo Star Drogba’s Sister Reveals

In a recent interview on Hitz FM, Hannah Mensah, the sister of popular Yolo star John Bredu Peasah, also known as Drogba, provided an update on her brother’s current health status. She expressed concern over the worsening health condition of her brother, stating that it has reached a critical point.

According to her, Drogba is experiencing difficulties with his vision, particularly in his right eye, where he is suffering from double vision and pain. As a result, they have been visiting the hospital weekly for treatment and medication.

Hannah further revealed that Drogba’s health issues began during the filming of the final season of Yolo, impacting his performance on the show. She noted that he struggled to act as effectively as he had in previous seasons, leading to his absence from the series. Hannah emphasized that Drogba has been dealing with these health challenges, which have affected his ability to work.

Hannah’s interview shed light on the struggles that Drogba is facing with his health and how it has impacted his career in the entertainment industry. She highlighted the ongoing medical treatment and care that he is receiving to address his vision problems and expressed hope for his recovery.

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