“My child is dead because of dumsor”- Woman Who Lost Child In ECG Power Outage At Tema General Hospital Speaks (VIDEO)

A mother who allegedly lost her child during a power outage at the Tema General Hospital in Ghana has come forward to share her heartbreaking experience. She expressed her devastation upon learning that her son had passed away as a result of the DUMSOR situation affecting the hospital.

Recounting the events, she mentioned how she had visited her child early in the morning and was asked to wait, only to receive the devastating news later on that her child had succumbed to the effects of DUMSOR.

The woman described the moment she found out as one of immense sorrow and disbelief, as she had never imagined that something as basic as electricity could lead to the loss of her precious child. The power outage reportedly caused chaos and confusion at the hospital, with patients and their families left in distress and uncertainty.

This tragic incident sheds light on the serious consequences of the frequent power outages that have plagued Ghana recently. The unreliable electricity supply, known as DUMSOR, has not only affected businesses and households but has also had a devastating impact on critical services such as healthcare.

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