“My Church Members Had Problems With How I Dress So I stopped going to church” – Ahuofe Patricia

Ahuofe Patricia recently shared that she has decided to no longer attend church. During an interview on Joy Prime, the actress explained that she stopped going to church because she was uncomfortable with the way people would comment on her choice of clothing.

Initially, Ahuofe Patricia didn’t think much of it when it happened the first time, but when it occurred a second time, she began to feel uneasy.

To prevent any further occurrences, she ultimately made the tough decision to stop attending church altogether.

Ahuofe Patricia expressed that the constant scrutiny from others about her appearance while at church was too much for her to bear.

She shared, “When people know you and you go to church, you know how our people are, it’s a little too much for me. It has happened to me twice where people have commented about what I was wearing.”

This unwarranted attention and judgment from fellow churchgoers made her feel self-conscious and ultimately led to her decision to distance herself from the church environment.

Although Ahuofe Patricia values her faith and spirituality, Ahuofe Patricia felt that the negativity she experienced while attending church was not conducive to her overall well-being.

As a result, she has chosen to worship in a different way that allows her to feel more comfortable and at peace.

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