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“My Daughter Didn’t Like Bathing” – Maa Linda Reveals Secretes On Felicia Osei

During a recent interview on Onua FM, Maa Linda, a Ghanaian TikToker based in the US, shared a surprising revelation about her daughter Felicia’s childhood habits.

She disclosed that Felicia used to frequently skip her bathroom routine, causing clashes between them.

Felicia, who is both an on-air personality and a TikToker, decided to interrupt the interview with a music interlude when her mom brought up this topic.

This playful move diverted the attention from her mom’s revelation.

Later, Felicia asked her mom if she still exhibited the same behavior as an adult, to which Maa Linda responded negatively.

She explained that once Felicia became aware of her physical hygiene, she started regularly bathing in the morning and evening.

During a recent appearance on Showbiz University, Felicia emphasized that not all content creators lead inauthentic lives.

She mentioned that while some influencers may portray a false image, it is important to recognize that not everyone in the industry does so.

Felicia believes that content creators and influencers have a responsibility to live up to a certain standard as people look up to them.

She mentioned that if someone can’t afford the lifestyle they are portraying, then they are being fake.

However, if they can afford it and are being true to themselves, then they are not fake.

Felicia stressed the importance of presenting oneself in a clean and respectable manner as a content creator or influencer.

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