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“My dream was for my son to bury me” – John Kumah’s father speaks

The father of the late John Kumah expressed his deepest sorrow over the loss of his son, stating that his greatest wish was for his son to bury him when he dies, not the other way around.

The tragic circumstances surrounding his son’s death are both worrying and heartbreaking for him and his family. Despite their immense grief, they find solace in the belief that John is now in the presence of the Lord, having lived a life that made a positive impact on those around him.

“We are entrusting everything to the hands of the Lord,” the father said in an interview with Oyerepa FM. “I had always told him, ‘Kwaku, you have to bury me, not me burying you.’ Whether it was someone else or the Lord who took him from us, we leave it all in God’s hands.”

Regarding the cause of John’s death, the father explained that the family does not have concrete evidence to determine what exactly led to his passing. He urged for an end to the speculations surrounding the circumstances of his son’s death, emphasizing the need for respect and understanding during this difficult time.

In the midst of their grief and uncertainty, the family remains steadfast in their faith and trust in God’s plan. They will continue to cherish the memories of John and find comfort in the belief that he is now at peace in the loving arms of the Lord.

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