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My ex-boyrfriend dumped me in UK for a Ghanaian lover – Stephanie Benson

Renowned singer Stephanie Benson recently shared a heartbreaking experience from nearly three decades ago. At the age of 17, she met a Ghanaian man in London who was seven years older than her, despite warnings from her cousins about family restrictions.

Ignoring their advice, Stephanie Benson fell in love with him. Despite being affectionate, their relationship never turned intimate. However, things took a sudden turn when his parents insisted he return to Ghana.

Devastated by this decision, Stephanie believed they would be together forever in the UK. But just two months after his departure, she learned he was seeing someone else.

Despite his denials, Stephanie’s suspicions were confirmed with a photo. Confronted with the truth, she made the difficult choice to end things.

Experiencing a range of emotions, from anger to sadness, Stephanie decided to move on with her life. A year later, love found her again in the form of her current husband, John, with whom she has spent the last thirty years.

In a candid discussion with her fans, Stephanie shared her story as a lesson on handling cheating partners and the importance of self-worth.

She urged women to value themselves enough to walk away from toxic relationships and not give second chances.

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