“my girlfriend rejected my 2 million naira gift from my first big pay”– Asake

Asake, a well-known Nigerian singer, shared a story about how his girlfriend rejected a two million naira gift from his first major music paycheck.

He was excited about his earnings and decided to share the news with his girlfriend, providing her with all the details.

The following day, he offered her a generous gift of two million naira, but she surprisingly turned it down, stating that the amount was too small in comparison to his overall earnings.

This unexpected reaction left Asake feeling concerned, especially considering his girlfriend’s humble background. Seeking guidance, he confided in Olamide, who advised him to end the relationship and send the money to his mother instead.

Following this advice, Asake sent the two million naira to his mother, who was able to utilize the funds to establish a successful provision store.

As a result of this decision, Asake’s mother no longer requires financial assistance from him, as she is now self-sufficient.

Reflecting on this experience, Asake expressed gratitude for Olamide’s counsel and the positive impact the money had on his mother’s life.

This incident served as a valuable lesson for Asake, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals who appreciate and value the significance of financial support.


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