“My housemaid is like my sister we do everything together and even do house chores together” – Lady flaunts her cute housemaid (Watch video)

A video went viral of a young Nigerian lady introducing her cute housemaid to her followers on TikTok. The lady, known as @jesusfavoritebaby_, danced in the video before inviting her beautiful housemaid to join her.

She mentioned that they split chores and that the housemaid still receives her full salary.

This video sparked a variety of reactions, with some commenting on the maid’s appearance and others criticizing the lady for being condescending.

In response to the backlash, the lady defended her relationship with her housemaid by listing the benefits the housekeeper receives, such as free food, toiletries, clothes, and hair care. She emphasized that being a housemaid is a decent job and that the maid is well taken care of.

Despite this, some netizens continued to criticize the lady for showcasing her house help in the video, with some suggesting that she was treating her like a friend rather than an employee.

Overall, the video received mixed reactions from viewers, with some praising the lady for her relationship with her housemaid and others criticizing her for the way she presented their dynamic.

Watch the video below …

@jesusfavoritebaby_We split chores sometimes and she still dey collect full salary o😭😭♬ original sound – Dube Peculiar 🫶❤️

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