“My husband and my boyfriend lived with me in the same house” – Woman shares her secret

Tamica Wilder, a resident of Byron Shire, shared her experience of living in the same household with her boyfriend, husband, and two children.

From the very beginning of her relationship with her husband, she made it clear that she was not interested in a traditional exclusive marriage. After being together for 11 years, Tamica introduced her husband to her lover and it took some time for everyone to adjust to the new family dynamic.

In a podcast, Tamica revealed that she informed her husband about her desire for a polyamorous relationship, something he initially struggled to understand but eventually accepted. She was honest with her husband about her feelings for her boyfriend and made it clear that she was not willing to end the relationship.

Despite the challenges, Tamica continued to see her boyfriend and eventually invited him to move in with their family.

The transition was not easy, and Tamica would often take her children to meet her boyfriend before they all started spending time together as a family. Over time, they were able to create a harmonious dynamic where the kids had two father figures and everyone worked together to take care of the family.

Tamica described the experience as having three parents for two children, which she found to be amazing. The children enjoyed having the extra love and support, and the family found happiness in their unique arrangement.

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