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“My husband chops my anu$ during intercourse and i enjoy it”- Agradaa

The self-proclaimed prophetess and evangelist known as Mama Pat, or Nana Agradaa, has sparked controversy with her recent revelation about her husband’s sexual preferences. Agradaa, who frequently discusses her husband, Angel Asiamah, claimed that he is very adventurous in the bedroom, enjoying both front and back positions during intimate moments.

She also expressed her own enjoyment of these encounters. This disclosure has caused a stir on social media, with many calling for Agradaa and her husband to be arrested. It is worth noting that Agradaa’s revelation may potentially put her in conflict with the newly passed anti-LGBT bill, which criminalizes anal sex regardless of the genders involved.

By openly admitting to engaging in such activities with her husband, Agradaa could be considered a criminal once the bill is signed into law. Online reactions to her video have been mixed, with some users jokingly suggesting that a prominent politician had tried to contact her in response to her confession.

Overall, Agradaa’s public declaration about her husband’s sexual habits has brought attention to the controversial nature of their relationship and raised questions about potential legal implications in light of the pending legislation.

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