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“My Husband Has Been Eating Our Children’s Placenta” – Mother Of Three Cries Out (Watch Video)

A young mother with three children reached out for assistance in dealing with her husband after discovering that he had been consuming their children’s placenta. This disturbing revelation was brought to light on TikTok by user @itzz__joygray, who claimed to be a neighbor of the distressed woman.

The mother, who had recently given birth to her third child, was shocked to learn that her husband had been eating their placenta after experiencing a series of unsettling events in their household.

Typically, the husband would ensure that the placenta was saved for him to take home, but due to his absence, the hospital disposed of it. Upon realizing that the placenta had been discarded, he caused a scene at the hospital, only to find out that it was too late.

Following their discharge from the hospital, the family began to experience a series of unfortunate events at home. It was during this tumultuous time that the husband confessed to not consuming the placenta of their latest child, citing it as a tradition in his hometown.

The young mother was left feeling helpless and sought help to address this disturbing behavior of her husband. The situation had taken a toll on their family dynamic, and she was unsure of how to move forward.

The TikTok post generated a significant amount of attention and concern for the well-being of the family, prompting discussions about cultural practices and the need for support in navigating such challenging situations.

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