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“My husband sh!ts on me whenever he’s “cum!ng” – Woman cries for help

A Ghanaian woman has shocked the internet with her story about the challenges she faces in her marriage due to her husband’s unusual behavior in bed.

Despite having a loving and responsible husband, she is struggling with the fact that he always defecates when he is about to climax during sex. This has taken a toll on her mental and marital health, and she is now considering ending her eleven-month marriage because she cannot bear it any longer.

In an interview with Ms. Nancy on “Confessions on TV3”, the mother of two shared how this issue has been present since they started dating and has continued into their marriage.

Her husband claims that he cannot control himself because it is too pleasurable for him, which has led to them agreeing that he should relieve himself before they engage in sexual activity. However, he still continues to do it when he is about to climax.

Despite finding this behavior disgusting and refusing to have sex with him during their dating period, the woman decided to marry him because he is a good and loving husband overall. This situation has caused her a great deal of distress and she is now seeking help to deal with this difficult issue in her marriage.


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