“My laptop and Phones were ceased” -Bongo Ideas Break Silence

Bongo Ideas, who reportedly faced detention for criticizing the First Lady of Ghana on her birthday, recently took to social media to announce that he will soon explain the events that transpired.

In a tweet, he revealed that his phones, laptops, and identification were confiscated, but assured his followers that he would soon break his silence on the matter.

In related news, Bongo Ideas’ niece spoke out following the supposed arrest of her uncle by Ghanaian police and his subsequent return home.

In a widely circulated video, she confirmed that Bongo Ideas had indeed been taken into police custody before being released. She addressed the rumors circulating on social media, asserting their accuracy.

The niece also expressed concern for Bongo Ideas’ well-being since his release, noting that he appears unwell, struggles to communicate, and exhibits signs of trauma.

However, the Ghana Police Department issued a statement contradicting these claims, stating that the individuals who took Bongo Ideas were not actual police officers, despite being dressed in police uniforms.

As the situation unfolds, Bongo Ideas’ followers eagerly await his forthcoming explanation, while concerns for his health and safety persist among those close to him.

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